Unproven Algorithms

The Evolution of Statistical Induction Heads

By Ben Edelman, Ezra Edelman, Surbhi Goel, Eran Malach, and Nikos Tsilivis. Machine learning works based on the inductive principle that patterns in the training data are likely to continue to hold. Large language models are induction machines—during training, they gobble up billions of words of text, extracting myriad patterns that can be used to predict the next token. But part of what makes... Read more

What's in a name?

I bet you’re wondering how we came up with this amazing, creative, beautiful name. Well, the credit actually goes to Wilder in Philly. Given the fact that most of deep learning still remains unproven, we thought it suited the blog well. As an added bonus, the namesake drink tastes great too!

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